Send In The Clowns

This isn’t a lame duck session, this is a damn clown show. The Treasury Secretary and President Bush team up to scare Congress into handing out $350 BILLION dollars to shore up/bailout/subsidize the financial sector, and now the son of a biscuit-eater bankers won’t return a phone call – unless they need more money.

The Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride in from Detroit, first in their spit shined corporate jets, then again, after being rebuffed the first time, with their hats in hand, long faced and remorseful, as if their sad features had been painted on by the people who do the makeup for the Ringling Brothers circus, all this for 24, no, scratch that, 34 BILLION dollars to keep ALL of their companies afloat.

Is this a joke? Is Harry Reid serious? Has Nancy Pelosi lost her mind?

These pimpernickels are really wasting time being sanctimonious about a measly 34 BILLION dollars when they just flushed 350 BILLION dollars down the toilet - I mean, loaned it to - oops, I mean "invested" in such creditworthy entities as AIG, Washington Mutual, and Countrywide?

The Wall Street bankers STILL won’t call anybody in the government back, have not cut ONE dollar from their bonus plans, which apparently reward their executives for peeing straight without hitting the toilet, since that’s the only target they could have possibly hit in the last twelve months, and these cartoon characters we have clogging up the halls of Congress are sweating the Three Horsemen over this 34 BILLION like we’ve never thrown good money after bad before.

We will lose more money in AIG alone than the automakers need, even if you double the 34 BILLION to a nice, round 70 BILLION that is more likely to be the final tab, but these elected nincompoops, who claim to represent us, are prancing around the Capitol Rotunda as if they are proctors at an SAT exam.

Half of Congress can’t spell “derivative” - most of Congress have no idea how to read the arcane minutia that garnishes a Wall Street balance sheet. These are the Keystone Cops who are demanding that Barack Obama do something NOW, as if he is John Shaft instead of the president-elect.

And we wonder why the kids seem to be schizophrenic these days? It’s amazing more of them aren’t prescribed mind-altering psychiatric drugs, with adults who claim to be leaders acting like this.

Don't get your panties in a wad, Barney - pun intended. I'm sure you guys will come to your senses and realize that the money set aside for more fuel efficient cars can be reallocated to this crisis. In case you don't know how to do this, you can feel free to call any of your constituents who had to "reallocate" money earmarked for home improvements or savings accounts when gas was over $4.00 a gallon.

Hopefully these next 46 days will be long enough for you guys to realize that the Barack Obama you elected didn't come with a cape or super powers.

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