Measuring The Drapes At The White House

Barack and Michelle Obama took a spin around the White House today with George and Laura Bush. I'm not usually one for photos, but man, it sure looked good just seeing these two walk through the door.

I guess John McCain was right - they were already "measuring the drapes" at the White House - along with setting up a top shelf "transition" website called, selecting a few key staffers, holding a press conference, and compiling an exhaustive list of items that could be changed immediately, by executive order, without going through Congress, in the first few days of the Obama presidency.

Not bad for the first six days as president-elect.

I'll give him a gold star if he makes it back home in time to help his daughters with their homework.

Images via AFP/Getty

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Anonymous said...

did you see the raw video footage up over at wapo (i think)?

great bunch of posts up. the guest posts are well chosen.

keep it up.

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