No Vice Presidential Candidate Left Behind

Joe Biden is running for the vice-presidency of the United States of America. He looks like it, sounds like it, smells like it, smiles like it.

Sarah Palin better be glad the "No Child Left Behind" program didn’t apply retroactively, because her ass would be sitting in study hall right now, boning up on all the physical science, social studies, and economics concepts she obviously missed. She needs to be running for the nearest library, not the vice presidency of the United States – of MY United States.

To stand behind this kind of incompetence in the name of supporting your party is WRONG.

To dissemble, hedge, and beat around the bush about this woman’s performances on TV is WRONG.

The second worst thing about all this is, Sarah Palin is not a stupid woman. Which means, if she sat through classes on physical science and social studies and history and economics in high school AND college, she had to really work hard at not absorbing ANY of the knowledge floating around. She must have avoided the library like the plague.

Maybe she was practicing winking those big brown eyes - WINK WINK WINK - when she was supposed to be studying.

The worst worst thing about all of this is the insistence by the people who support her that someone is finally on the ticket that can relate to the common man. Would you want the people in charge of your company to go “eeeny meeny miny mo” when making corporate decisions? Would you take your child to a doctor who couldn’t pass the medical boards? Would you have a contractor who wasn’t very good at reading blueprints to build your house? Would you want to be on a plane flown by an airline pilot who thinks the answer to a problem is "all of the above"?

Hell no!

I think it is this insistence, at every level, from the idiot “man on the street” interviews that show clueless voters parroting the bullshit they hear on TV - “well, Soledad, I really they finally SPOKE to me as a person” – to the punditocracy themselves, who seem hell bent on believing that if they simply REPEAT THE SAME BULLSHIT over and over, it will become a part of the narrative, looping back to Main Street in a day or so to give the clueless some direction.

The name of this blog is “Brown Man Thinking Hard” for a reason – because I am committed to promoting deep thinking as a normal, everyday American activity. Clinging to ignorance is as unpatriotic as it gets; willful stupidity in my mind is the most treasonous act you can perpetrate upon your country if you have ASKED FOR PUBLIC RESPONSIBILITY.

If Barack Obama and Joe Biden lose this election because the undecided voters say “I’m with stupid”, then I guess I'll have to live with it, but America will deserve what it gets from these substandard second-rate CARTOON CHARACTERS.

I can’t think of a bigger, more heartfelt way for a citizen to say “God Damn America” than to cast a vote for Dumber and Dumber-est.

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Melinda in Texas said...

Wow---thank you so much for this. I agree whole-heartedly and plan to share this column with everyone I can think of; your last line is powerful and true. The whole piece is great.

plez... said...

EXCELLENT POST! like you, i wonder how this woman (the governor of a state, no doubt) would have so little grasp of history, the constitution, and the governance of this country!

i am flabbergasted by the embrace of her ignorance!

Brown Man said...

My flabber was gasted awhile back.

Suppose you have a teenager who is watching this spectacle with you. What the hell do you say?

How can we look down our noses at intellectual ability when a Blackberry is in our pocket and the "internets" are everywhere?

When I step in some shit, I scrape it off the bottom of my shoe.

John McCain has obviously lost his sense of smell.

Suprk said...

Great post, I could not agree more with what you wrote.

Salsa said...

Great post among many. Hey let's be real, it's all about infotainment! They (powers that be) want a misinformed public, they're easier to control.

teacher said...

As usual, this phenomenon can be summed up in two words: White privilege. It produced Dan Quayle, GW Bush, Palin & a host of others, known & unknown. The system is set up for them to succeed, and if they don't they are total losers. We have to tell our children what we've been telling them. Get your education because this doesn't apply to you.

Shae said...

"If Barack Obama and Joe Biden lose this election because the undecided voters say 'I’m with stupid' ..."

HA -- Well put.

klehrke said...

I'm guessing they choose the smartest, and the brightest among the republican party.

Shae said...

"Would you take your child to a doctor who couldn’t pass the medical boards?"

This was part of the inspiration for my latest post:

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Ha ha ha ha... that was good.

klehrke said...

Logic would say if an individual didn't pass the medical boards... he/she wouldn't be called Doctor. But then I've never checked a Doctor's credentials either.

McCain and Palin are like the Detroit Lions, you know whoever is playing against them are winners.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you call this post deep thinking? Think again. The only thing you are doing is saying how dumb Palin is. You have nothing on her! Funny, huh. She blew Biden out of the water at the debates. She had him on defense the entire time, leaving him with talking points. You give no factual information, just insults. I guess that this is deep thinking for a Dem...

klehrke said...

Sooooooooo your "Joe six pack", we wondered where you were Anonymous.

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