Are You Suffering From Electile Dysfunction?

• Do you find yourself getting frustrated with your political opponent?

• Is it hard to maintain your concentration on current events ?

• Are you haunted by your choice of running mate?

• Is the leadership of your own party confused about your actions?

• Are you finding yourself unable to hang on to your core constituency?

You may be suffering from “electile dysfunction”. But you don’t have to suffer in silence.

Ask your doctor about LogiCalTM , a low dose anti-bullshit inhibitor safe enough for daily use. With LogiCalTM, you can regain the ability to make rational, clear-headed decisions when you’re ready. You can feel confident enough about keeping the lines of communication open between you and your party’s leadership to get everybody on the same page. Many users of LogiCalTM also report increased energy levels, regaining the ability to read entire three page documents word for word before losing interest.

Its not too late.

Talk to your doctor about LogiCalTM

**side effects may include hypersensitivity to bullshit, negative advertising, and bald faced lies. During campaign activity, if you become dizzy, nauseated, disoriented, or find yourself believing you have already won the election, call your doctor right away. Contact your doctor or seek emergency medical attention if you find yourself having an attack of conscience for more than four hours. Do not take LogiCalTM if you are also using maximum strength HeronexTM – this may cause a serious increase in erratic thinking.

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Missy said...


Missy said...

You have GOT to let me pass this one around. It's too funny~~

Brown Man said...

Please do.

Jazzy said...

Best laugh of my day, thanks!

jelana said...

I agree, this is BRILLIANT!
Hilarious to boot.

Kitty said...

Wicked brilliant.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I cosign - brilliant.

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