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In the course of keeping up with the news and doing research, I come across some great stuff you might not see in your hometown newspaper or on the nightly news.

Dense & Intense - This Week On The Web is a compilation of longer, more detail-oriented stories and humor pieces that caught my eye during the week.

This week has an unusually strong lineup.




"Democrats often seem to think of voters as consumers; they rely on polls to choose a set of policy positions that will convince 51% of the electorate to buy. Most Democrats don't understand that politics is more like religion than it is like shopping."

"Alaska Women Reject Palin" Rally w/PHOTOS!


"Despite overcast skies and a forecast for rain, there was a rally here today. Oh man, was there! In fact, it was by most accounts the largest protest rally in the history of Alaska. The Anchorage Daily News wrote that the rally drew an "estimated" 1500 people. Let me be clear: the organizers used a hand-clicker and counted at least 1,483 Alaskans, mostly women, who showed up to say that Sarah Palin does not speak for them. They also counted 93 McCain/Palin supporters."

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Why We Don’t Have Democracy


"My cartoons are pretty solidly left-wing; I tend to do a lot of cartoons about race, sexism, and economics."

Cartoons by Barry Deutsch

An Introduction To Framing And Its Uses In Politics


    "Carry out the following directive:

    Don't think of an elephant!

    It is, of course, a directive that cannot be carried out — and that is the point. In order to purposefully not think of an elephant, you have to think of an elephant. There are four morals.

    Moral 1. Every word evokes a frame.

    A frame is a conceptual structure used in thinking. The word elephant evokes a frame with an image of an elephant and certain knowledge: an elephant is a large animal (a mammal) with large floppy ears, a trunk that functions like both a nose and a hand, large stump-like legs, and so on.

    Moral 2: Words defined within a frame evoke the frame.

    The word trunk, as in the sentence "Sam picked up the peanut with his trunk," evokes the Elephant frame and suggests that "Sam" is the name of an elephant.

    Moral 3: Negating a frame evokes the frame.

    Moral 4: Evoking a frame reinforces that frame.

    Every frame is realized in the brain by neural circuitry. Every time a neural circuit is activated, it is strengthened."

Buy Obama Waffles Mix - Stereotypes are Free


"Boxes of Obama Waffles were available for sale at $10 each at the Values Voter Summit until Saturday afternoon when conference organizers shut down the booth."

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Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Love this post, Brown Man. The cartoon was fantastic and one to save, and oh but why doesn't the msn show those Alaskans protesting Palin? We know why... but I loved the words on the sign. Hadn't seen those two but had the others. I was tempted to photoshop a box of something mocking McCain in response to that bit of old time racism, but other stuff came up.

Brown Man said...

I told you you won't find this stuff on your local news channel!

I still think the article "WHAT MAKES PEOPLE VOTE REPUBLICAN?" is the best item this week - it is a pretty good attempt by somebody to really look at the who, what, when, where and why of this "us versus them" existence between our political parties that keep us all so polarized.

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