Deal Or No Deal, John McCain


The Nanny.


The Flavor Of Love.


And now, to join them, we have a brand new reality show, The Nominee’s Dilemma, starring that bad boy of the Republican Party, John McCain, as he struggles with the biggest decision of his political life – to either dump his running mate for someone who looks better, like he did to his first wife, or hang in there, like a good soldier, the way he did in Vietnam, to be tortured day and night for the next sixteen hundred hours, every hour on the hour, by Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

This unbelievable, over the top, “couldn’t have written anything this good if you tried” drama behind the selection of little known Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has mesmerized the nation for the last few days.

If McCain were Donald Trump, the know-it-all billionaire real estate guru (unless Trump is filing for bankruptcy protection again this week) host of The Apprentice, he would have fired Sarah Palin by now, after having his blunt spoken, blonde haired assistant, Cindy McCain, break down how Palin's weaknesses and her liabilities are a detriment to the organization.

This urge that compels us to watch the Palin family’s lives unravel before our eyes is the same thing that motivates us to watch these reality shows, programs with central conflicts that are exaggerated and manipulated in order to appeal to our baser instincts.

Like it or not, John McCain, The Ultimate Fighter, has found himself in the middle of The Surreal Life, wishing his newly named running mate had received a visit from Supernanny. We now know one thing for certain - McCain had no Fear Factor , was not scared by the unknown facts or unvetted scandals when he chose The Weakest Link to be on the Republican ticket.

Do we enjoy seeing other people being humiliated that much? Do I really have to even answer that as I turn off my – damn, they were doing WHAT?

By this time next week, Sarah Palin may be wishing she had The Simple Life. I truly believe her husband and her future son-in-law will be ready to tear off those blue suits they look so uncomfortable in and build themselves an American Chopper.

Deal Or No Deal, John McCain.

Deal Or No Deal.

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Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

That was very clever, Brown Man! Thanks for making me laugh.

If Sarah doesn't end up as VP, she and her daughter can go on Maury Povich or Geraldo special and throw chairs at one another. If she does make VP, her oldest son Track who is headed to Iraq can star in a remake of Top Gun with Tom Cruise!

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