25 February 2009

Obama Stimulus Plan Can Be A Win For Everybody

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Tiger Woods is going back to work today, the morning after President Obama’s address to Congress.

If I were Bobby Jindal, who is touted by many in the media as a rising Republican star, I would give Phil Mickleson a call, to see how he deals with the fact that he doesn’t have a chance in hell to catch the world’s number one golfer. Because that’s about how Jindal came across during his Republican response to President Obama’s address – okay, but no where near as good as Obama. Jindal looked more like a third year medical resident than the head elected official of Lousiana.

As I watched the people in the House chamber clamber over one another to get close to President Obama as he made his way through the room, I thought of Mr. Woods, another biracial American legend, who routinely generates the same type of enthusiasm. The PGA’s current fortunes aren’t quite as bad as the fiscal crisis the nation is in, but its future depends greatly on the efforts of one Eldrick “Tiger” Woods Jr. to bolster its declining ratings before the time comes to renegotiate TV and sponsorship agreements.

Woods has an unmatched temperament, unrivaled shot making ability, incomparable length off the tee, matchless drive and a mind boggling will to win. He has given the PGA the identity of a winner. From what I’ve seen so far, President Obama has the capability, the smarts, the demeanor, the energy and the will to do the same for America.

If I were Governor Jindal, or Governor Crist, or Governor Schwarzenegger, or Governor Sanford, or even Governor Palin, I'd try to look at the big picture, the way all the other guys on the PGA Tour do when they think about Tiger. Even when they lose to Woods, they still win, because ALL their paychecks have just about tripled since Woods came to the Tour thirteen years ago.

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican right now, a win for the Obama stimulus plan is a win for everybody.


  1. Amen to that!

    We all win should the stimulus be a success. If only patriotism could replace politics the way it did after 9/11.

  2. This is only for a short period, If the stimulus plan works it will only last for 18 months. First any company that owes money will have to pay their bills, nobody is talking about that. What happens after all the money is spent, research done, city infrastructures complete, and all the trickled down monies are used. You will have people with no work, what do companies do with staff and no work, "layoff". Then what happens, Obama calls for another stimulus package to be drawn? This package was not designed for a long time period, like any boost in economy it last for a short period. Most of the money is going to government spending. $91.3b in health an labor, $89.7b in medicaid, $82.1b in tax provisions, that money goes quick in the medical field, $79b in state grants for education/budget, regular people will still be in the position their in now. 2011 this will start all overagain.

  3. Come on, empty suit - if you just want to wallow in a mental rut, just say so.

    The stimulus is a lot like the antibiotics you get from the doctor when you have periodontal disease. The physical cleaning removes the visible infectious materials, but the germs are still there underneath the gumline. So the dentist has you on antibiotics for awhile to quell the infection long enough for the gums to begin to heal themselves. You won't take them for the rest of your life, but not taking them at all gets you right back to full blown infection, and a chance that your teeth will fall out someday because your gums are gone bad.

    The stimulus is akin to antibiotics in this case - a boost to our system to give it a chance to get going again.

    Then again, you might be the kind of person who wants their teeth to fall out.


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