27 July 2008

Dense & Intense - This Week On The Web

In the course of keeping up with the news and doing research, I come across some great stuff you might not see in your hometown newspaper or on the nightly news.

Dense & Intense - This Week On The Web is a compilation of longer, more detail-oriented stories and humor pieces that caught my eye during the week.

John Edwards and Kwame Kilpatrick need to give Barack Obama a fist pound, because his whirlwind tour of Europe is the only thing that kept them from being fodder for all the nightly news talk shows on an otherwise slow news week.

It was a tossup for the Dense & Intense "Most Ridiculous Politician Of The Week" award between the Love Doctor, who sprinted through the Beverly Hills Hotel to hide out in a bathroom, and the Brown Bomber, who shoved a police officer investigating his brother-in-law off of his feet, as to whose picture was going to lead off this week's Dense & Intense post, so today you get to fill in your own visual.

Love Child And Mistress Claims Hit Edwards - if you thought Edwards was teary eyed before...

Israeli Paper Publishes Obama's Private Wailing Wall Prayer Note -
I guess they’ll be coming after his discarded candy wrappers next.

Senate Passes Landmark Housing Bill - Too many cooks in the kitchen - this is a Band-Aid that won't stick.

Microphone Picks Up Private Conversation Between Obama And British Leader Whether he really knew or not, the "O-Man" is ALWAYS on the job.

Black Radio On Obama Is Left’s Answer To Limbaugh - I am waiting to see what emerges as the equivalent of "dittohead".

Can Minority Journalists Resist Applauding Obama? - The sound of one hand clapping might be their best compromise.

Obama To Meet With Rubin, Volcker, Buffett On Economic Plans - The only thing the current polls keep reminding me of, though, is the "work twice as hard to get half as far" adage.

Detroit’s Mayor Could Face New Felony Charges After Confrontation With Deputy - And on the other end of the political spectrum, we have the best imitation of Rudy Ray Moore I've seen in years.


  1. LOL - "I guess they’ll be coming after his discarded candy wrappers next." That's hilarious and probably true.

    Nice roundup. Warren Buffet has been a big supporter of Obama for a long time. His track record for picking winners in the stock market is reknown, and he's picked a winner this time too. Hope enough voters see it this way.

  2. Obama's team covers so many bases in their whirlwind campaign that it makes McCain's people look like they are asleep at the wheel.

    If Obama keeps this up, and he wins the election ('cause you can't count THESE chickens 'til they hatch) he will be too tired to do anything but sleep during his first one hundred days in office.


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