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In the course of keeping up with the news and doing research, I come across some great stuff you'll never see in your hometown newspaper or on the nightly news. Dense & Intense - This Week On The Web is a compilation of longer, more detail-oriented stories and humor pieces that caught my eye during the week.

"Survive Then Thrive" over at FreeMan Press - a sobering look at the challenges of surviving in the 'hood.

"We Need A New 'King Of All Blacks'" over at AverageBro - the picture alone is worth a thousand words!

Majority white, majority black, and now majority white again on the horizon - Atlanta is now "the city too busy to sit still" - "The End Of White Flight"

Over at Talking Points Memo's Election Central - Top Clinton Backers Tell Donors: Stop Whining - its about damn time!

The Air Car looks big enough to hold most of my body and three of my four limbs - over at PoliticalInaction

Another sobering story to bring some balance to the election madness - Black Community Denied Water For Decades over at Uppity Negro Network.

This look inside the dynamics of race and online interactions - The Color Line Online - spotlights the electronic divide over at Afro-Netzien.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brown Man
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