06 March 2008

Good Old Fashioned Letter Writing

Nothing like good old fashioned letter writing to share your thoughts when the person you are trying to share them with isn't someone you can just call on the phone or chat with while you are getting your mail. I figure if I send enough of these the staffers in charge of reading the emails at www.barackobama.com might see about getting these to the Boss Lady.

March 6th

Mrs. Obama,

I will admit that I have been a little disheartened the last couple of days as I watched the Clinton campaign do the victory dance over and over again on the leading news websites.

Two things have bucked me up.

The first is something your husband said fairly frequently a couple of weeks ago - "we weren't supposed to get this far". You, your husband and his staff have done a TREMENDOUS job of bringing to life a credible, well organized, full fledged presidential primary campaign that appears to have designed from the outset for the daunting task of attempting to get a brown skinned man selected as the nominee of the Democratic Party. I am proud to support the well oiled machine that allows Barack Obama make getting here look easy.

Which brings me to the second thing that keeps me going - a belief that whatever vile trash, ridiculous bullshit, or utter nonsense is thrown at Mr. Obama, he has the temerity to resist lowering himself to responding in kind. The moral suasion we were able to rely on and ultimately triumph with in the sixties stemmed in part from the indelible images of our best and our brightest, their will embodied in the forthright thrust of their chins, their class displayed in the quiet elegance of their Sunday best attire, the entire attitude of their bodies and their beings telling their opponents that they were in it for the duration - and that their only option was to prevail or die.

I've talked to several of my friends today and tonight, and it seems we all agree on the same thing - that your husband has to remain as far above the fray as humanly possible. Do whatever it takes to get his swagger back - the regal air about him when he has it makes Mrs. Clinton look like a cross between Joan Collins and Roseanne Barr, complete with all their cackle, hiss and sputter.

Your strategists are top notch, but America is already reluctant to accept the possibility of having a black president - "delegate math" is not going to be convincing unless the gap is big enough, and there is a definite perception that Mrs. Clinton has lost steam. So for God's sake, break the bank in Philadelphia and North Carolina. Spend all you have plus ten percent, because baby, we really need this - not just me, not just black people, not just Democrats, but the entire country, even those that don't realize it yet, REALLY, REALLY need the two of you to get over this last hump.

It'll probably get lost in the shuffle, but I'm going to send it anyway. It will make me feel like I got my two cents in.

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