Do You See Politics On My Chest?

I have been wondering all week what to write about the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s move against Planned Parenthood, but Linda Burger, a 56-year-old breast cancer survivor who resides in Las Vegas, NV, says it on Youtube better than I or any man can. Standing in her bathrobe in front of her digital camera, her expressive eyes flashing with anger as she described what her cancer is like and what it is not like, Mrs. Burger personified the tidal wave of feminine disgust against the Susan G. Komen Foundation that has swept the internet since last week.

The Susan G.Komen people have opened a can of internet whoop ass they cannot escape. Most of the angry women who are blowing up their social media networks over this do not believe Komen CEO Nancy Brinker’s apology can be trusted. And why should they? Nothing she has said so far to explain the foundation’s actions holds water.

If you have trouble viewing the video, I have taken the time to transcribe Mrs. Burger’s words because they are just that damn important.

Do You See Politics On My Chest? | Resurgence | Big Think