Sean Yoes at WEAA still needs your vote!

My man Sean Yoes STILL needs your vote in the WEAA Talent Poll!!! His entry in the competition is a new radio show called The Dialogue.

Why am I asking you to vote for Sean Yoes and Dr. Renee Parks? I am a regular guest on Sean's current affairs show on WEAA, the AFRO's First Edition that airs on Sunday nights. Two years ago, I had never been a guest on a radio show in my life, but Sean made it seem like it was as easy as pie.

You can do this in less than 5 seconds from your desk at work - just click this link.

You can do this in less than 5 seconds from your IPhone - just click this link.

So VOTE for The Dialogue!!!

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Debt Ceiling Deal Smells Like A Subprime Loan

With the nerve wracking threat of a default by America on its outstanding debt being broadcast on all the news channels practically twenty four hours a day, I am reading a lot of chatter on the web by progressive Democrats who are insisting that President Obama suddenly morph into Samuel L. Jackson and start kicking ass and taking names. Conversations at the more extremist conservative websites I’ve come across often veer off into John Wayne territory, with calls by staunch Tea Party supporters for the GOP congressional leadership to simply reject any compromise proposals and stand their ground. Neither one of these groups should be wasting their time on the charade of this artificial debacle, because the fix has been in for some time.