Forcing President Obama to focus on the debt ceiling issue night after night for weeks on end has changed him for the better. Unfortunately for congressional Republicans, this manufactured fiscal crisis has drawn battle lines in the sand that are impossible even for the president and his cherished bipartisanship ideals to ignore. President Obama normally has a tendency to see himself as a open minded big picture thinker with the ability to keep a lot of balls in the air at once, tethered to no particular ideology other than the most efficient solution to a problem. This may be a good way to manage an administration, but it leaves something to be desired when it comes to the care and feeding of a presidential image.

It often takes a crisis to get this president to remember that he is a Democrat. In fact, it often takes a moments like these to get this president to remember how to speak directly and clearly to the masses on whose behalf he ostensibly toils in the Oval Office.

How The Debt Ceiling Talks Have Strengthened President Obama | Resurgence | Big Think

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Why The Hell Is Strauss-Kahn Wearing A Halo All Of A Sudden?

The words in every story I read about the Dominique Strauss-Kahn rape case seem to trill at the thought that he may go free. I am seriously convinced that we really should think about closing all of our journalism schools down. How does Strauss-Kahn, a man with a long sordid history of abusive behavior towards women whose sperm was found on the uniform of accuser Nafissatou Diallo, get to wear a halo all of a sudden?

Murder is always murder. Assault is always assault. It would seem to follow that rape is always rape. But rape is often seen by the public and the press as situational, although the number of variables involved in determining whether a person has been raped are very similar to the number of variables involved in determining whether a person has been assaulted.

The number of women who have been willing to go on record about Strauss Kahn’s tendency of sexual harassment and violent sexual behavior towards women suggest very, very strongly that the number of women he is likely to have sexually terrorized in his lifetime is up into the triple digits. Because for every woman who is willing to talk about this to the press, you can believe that there are dozens who will not.

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