My father told me he missed the radio interview I did with Sean Yoes that aired on WEAA last Sunday night.

So I tooled around the vast internet for an hour tonight, until I figured out how to make the audio that the station has graciously made available to me easily available to others. Now my father, and anyone else who wondered what it sounded like, can access the interview portion of the show at the touch of a button.

Audio Of FIRST EDITION Interview with Sean Yoes

While I'm working on polishing and revising my real post for tonight, which is liable to be the lunchtime ditty I whipped out on Tony Dungy's interview today on The Tom Joyner Morning Show about his recent work with Michael Vick, especially since I haven't seen the podcast yet of the healthcare townhall President Obama had earlier today, you can see what all the hullabaloo was about.

I swear I don't sound like this in real life - I always thought my voice had a sharper pitch than it seems to here - but it really doesn't matter.

Now I know how those rappers who used to sell their CD's out of the trunk of their car felt.

Well, not really - this is free.

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