20 December 2008

Brown Man Thinking Hard Gets Early Xmas Present

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning with this new site. It's really the same old site that's been rebuilt from the bottom up (with the help of a great template). I'm still getting all the pieces together, so it will be awhile before I figure out how to operate all the slick features I saw in the demo.

This new design is supposed to load itself to your browser a lot quicker than the old one. Since I'm the chief cook, bottle washer and webmaster around here, shoot me an email if you find that something isn't working the way it should.

Thank you and Merry Christmas to all the visitors to Brown Man Thinking Hard who take the time to read what I have to say.

If the Christmas party we're attending tonight doesn't get too festive, I'll be back on the job tomorrow with some fresh commentary

Brown Man


  1. I like the new design, but wouldn't it be better with a little color?

  2. i like the clean, almost print copy feel without the fancy-smanchy bells & whistles that many blogmasters feel are necessary to adorn our sites... one gets the sense that "it's just the facts, ma'am!" without any fluff... i like it!

  3. congratulations on your new toy!

    i must say, i liked the old version ... it loaded just fine for me!

    but the links to the newspapers are great.

    i concur with plez -- the simple design (especially the white background) is one of the things that makes your blog such a pleasure to read -- my eyes aren't getting any younger!

    best wishes to you and yours in the coming new year.


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