25 August 2008

I Already Know Michelle Obama

If you live with a black woman who is a lawyer, like I do, you already know Michelle Obama.

You know, when you see her turned out in a perfectly fitted business suit, or a tailored dress, that this woman doesn't really need a stylist - she has been styling herself for years, and has become an expert on how to project power, exude expertise, and look like she belongs at the executive level.

You know, when you see her children, that they are more familiar with polysyllabic words than most adult Americans. That they understand how to look a person in the eye when they shake their hand. That they know the purpose of being courteous, and truly understand the value of an education.

You know, when you look at the things she has accomplished in her career, that she is capable of doing long range planning and short term problem solving with one arm tied behind her back. That she has negotiated big business deals, and nurtured small ones. That the people she has worked with have always trusted her judgment.

You know, when you see her mother, that behind all of the degrees and the polish and the panache is a woman who has been trained to live by the Golden Rule. Who has always understood the importance of family. Who has always believed in God.

You know, because she is a consummate professional, that just because you see her smiling, it doesn’t always mean everything is okay – but it does mean that if something is amiss, she is willing to put every ounce of her style, her intellect, her experience, and her faith to work to rectify the problem.

When you know these things, like I do, because I see them everyday, I know instinctively what Barack Obama does - that despite all the conjecture from the punditocracy, Michelle Obama is going to do just fine tonight when she steps on that stage in Denver at the Democratic National Convention.


  1. If you are Black you have definitely seen Michelle Obama. If you have been to any downtown around the USA there are plenty very career minded, you don't want to mess with her, women taking care of business. Often times this woman is stronger than her husband but knows how to balance the whole life. So the kids are spectacular, her career is spectacular and her husband is spectacular. It's the 3 spectacular rule for this kind of woman that guides her life.

    Michelle Obama is ready for the speech and I am very confident the world will be shocked. She knew this day would come and prepared for it when Barack sat down at the dinner table and said he might run for president.

  2. you really make her seem like a great woman

    i think she is one in real life as well


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