Winners Of American Uprising Copies Announced

Well, there are actually two winners of copies of American Uprising.

Lawrence McCullogh of New Jersey


David Williams of New Jersey

Thanks to everyone who entered before the Monday night deadline, whether you did via this blog, email, or Twitter. Everyone who entered got a number, issued consecutively, that roughly corresponded to the order in which their entry was received, and then it was off to, which is the service whose random integer generator actually chose the lucky twosome.

Since we are still snowed in here in the ATL, it may be a few days before I can get to the Post Office, which is just starting to resume service in our area, to mail the winners their books.  

Giving away stuff, especially books, which are right up Brown Man Thinking Hard's alley, is fun!

Big, big thanks to HarperCollins, which graciously provided the books, and to the author, Daniel Rasmussen, whose research made all this possible.

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