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Painting The Town Vermillion

I went from the paintings, prints and poetry of John Lennon to the paintings and prints of William Tolliver in twenty four hours this weekend. Friday night, instead of parking myself in front of my computer, I was talked into taking a ride down to Buckhead to see an exhibition of art works by John Lennon, who was more famous for the work he did on his day job as a member of the Beatles.

It was fun, although I realized as I walked around the exhibit that I really didn’t know that much about Lennon other than the name of his last residence, the Dakota, and the name of his widow, Yoko Ono. The few Beatles songs I’d heard over and over in my youth had blended into the cacophony of disparate music collections blaring out of the rooms in the dorm where I lived as a freshman. My coming of age years didn’t revolve around the crooning of the four young musicians from Liverpool but the middle age howls of the bluesmen like B.B. King from Beale Street and Muddy Waters from Chicago and the thunderous bass that drove the testosterone fueled braggadocio of baby faced rappers from New York.

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