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Haley Barbour Tries To Whitewash History Of America's Blackest State

Haley Barbour has obviously forgotten that running for the presidency of the United States is not the same as running for the presidency of the Yazoo City Country Club. Barbour attempted to whitewash the past with the same old half truths still promulgated by white southerners of a certain age, half truths this ruling class has relied on for decades to deny the existence of the viscous cruelty and brutality used during segregation to keep black Americans in check.

Growing up in South Carolina, the home of this month’s Secession Ball and an obsessive desire to keep flying the flag of a defeated Confederacy, there was one thing I always knew for sure—however bad race relations seemed in my native Palmetto State, I had no doubt that they were worse for black people in Mississippi. This was confirmed just a couple of years ago by a thirty something coworker hailing from Mississippi, who said to me with a straight face “until I left home and moved to Denver, I thought all black people did was sit on their porches all day and wait for their welfare checks.” I guess it never occurred to anybody like my co-worker or Mr. Barbour that if almost 40% of your population is African American, then the fate of your state depends on whether or not you are sincerely committed to improving their lot in life.

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