Today At Big Think: What Kind Of Gun Would Jesus Carry?

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What Kind Of Gun Would Jesus Carry?

Would it be a classic pearl handled six shooter? A double barreled shotgun with a hand carved stock? An AK-47 semi-automatic assault carbine with laser sights? Or would he simply strap a belt of ammo over each arm and tote a machine gun, Arnold Schwarzenegger style?

The image of Jesus carrying a gun goes against the ideals of love, forgiveness and redemption that define his biblical characterization, yet we have entered a phase in American public life where those willing to spout this same type of ideological incoherence for political gain wear their ignorance as if it is a badge of honor.

The tenets of Judeo-Christianity revolve around a very progressive minded set of spiritual beliefs, yet the most ardent followers of Christianity in America are likely to be some of the least tolerant people socially and politically.

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