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Barnes & Noble's Pubit! About To Launch

I got an email yesterday from Pubit!, a new service that will allow writers to publish their own ebooks and offer them for sale on Barnes & Noble’s website, announcing Pubit!’s imminent launch. Barnes & Noble may be the world’s biggest bookseller, but Amazon is the world’s biggest ebook seller. According to the daily digest of publishing news I receive from Publisher’s Weekly, ebooks aren’t the future of the book business, they are what’s happening now.

Less than half an hour after I reopened the Pubit! email this morning, I was signed up. It took that long only because I spent twenty minutes studying the publisher’s agreement, royalty terms and content policies. I’ve been waiting for this site to launch all summer. In fact, Barnes & Noble had announced that it would be launched this summer, so maybe Indian summer is what they were really shooting for all along.

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