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America’s Fears Bigger Than Its Dreams

If you are planning on holding a large political rally in Washington, and you want to do it right, you really need to buy a TV network first, so you can get tons of free publicity. The One Nation rally, which took place on the Mall in Washington yesterday, has gotten so little press it can be considered a stealth rally.

Meanwhile, a thousand print and TV journalists are combing through their news feeds for the latest gaffe by Christine O’Donnell, and keeping their fingers crossed that Sarah Palin will pull herself away from her daughter Bristol’s Dancing With The Stars performances long enough to oblige them with a incendiary tweet.

News anchors repeat the dollar amounts of ad buys by corporate donors disguised as political action groups the way the personalities on Entertainment Tonight quote movie box office revenues, as if a deluge of television ads will actually obligate the sliver of voters who have no idea who they will push the button for in November to chose the side of the political party who runs the most commercials.

And a now famous high school graduate, commonly known to be allergic to any form of higher learning until he got out of rehab a few years ago, often stands in front of a whiteboard on his TV show and apes the Socratic method with his own twisted brand of circular reasoning and creative interpretations of historical events, purports to “teach” America everything he willingly admits he ignored back in high school.

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