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This Summer I Became Addicted To The Wire

I became addicted to The Wire.

I know, I 'm late to the party. Very late, since the final episode aired over two years ago. But over the last few weeks I spent more time in front of the TV screen than I normally do in six months. This HBO drama that first aired ten years ago before airing its final season in 2006 has been on my list of shows to watch ever since I saw the video “100 Greatest Quotes From The Wire” on Youtube back in the spring. The hot weather, combined with a certain reluctance to sit in front of a keyboard lately, made watching one show after another a seductive proposition.

I started by watching the fourth season, which was a very compelling mix of crime, politicians, corruption, and campaign trail shenanigans that made for a full bodied story. The race between Carcetti and Royce to be the next mayor of Baltimore seemed to mirror in many ways the political climate in Atlanta, another city with an unending line of black mayors for the last thirty years whose string of victories looked like they were about to come to an end last year. It wasn’t apparent until I went back and began to watch the series from the beginning that I understood how crucial the mayor’s race and its attendant ripples throughout the city’s administration was to stoking my interest in this critically acclaimed program.

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