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Media Commits To "Bad Santa" Obama Narrative This Fall

After watching a few minutes of President Obama’s appearance on the townhall style “Investing In America” forum held on CNBC yesterday, you couldn’t help but get the feeling that Obama was being made to play the role of Bad Santa, because just about everyone in the audience who had a question for him sounded like they were complaining to the mall Santa Claus that they didn’t get anything they wanted last Christmas.

Except the president isn’t Santa Claus.

Nor is President Obama anywhere as powerful or as omnipotent as the CEO’s of the nation’s largest companies. The tag line CNBC chose to advertise yesterday’s meeting—“our nation’s CEO, face to face with his shareholders”—was as inaccurate as my Santa Claus analogy. Corporate CEO’s have much more control over the corporate governance process than the president of the United States has over America’s government.

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