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Young Black Men And Race

Why are we using 1970's style distribution techniques for anything in 2010?

I was tooling through the black conservative website Booker Rising when I came across a comment by one of its readers that mirrored my thoughts about the thousands of people who stood in line Tuesday in East Point, Georgia, a city located just outside the Atlanta city limits, to get applications for Section 8 housing vouchers.
Let me put aside any indictment of the PEOPLE IN LINE for a second. While I will hold my ground and mandate that they be respected as "equal human beings" we need to instead focus upon the POLICIES that have brought about this situation, the LOGISTICS by which one central bottle neck was used as the paperwork distribution point and the SECURITY situation. I can tell you that if everyone in that line is does not get a form - there is going to be a riot. There were not enough police authorities on site to do crowd control in the event that these people did not get what they have been waiting for.

If it is true that the people are receiving forms and not filling it out today - WHY didn't the housing authority get the forms printed out last week and set of distribution centers that were disbursed throughout the city? There was not one single reason to set up this situation to pick up a damned form.

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