You mean to tell me the president signs into law a dramatic, although incomplete, reduction in the difference between the federal drug sentencing guidelines for crack cocaine versus powder cocaine and nobody says a word? Hasn’t this been one of those controversial, racially biased discrepancies between punishments for crack users, who were alleged to be mostly black offenders, and powder cocaine users, who tended to be mostly white offenders, that has made the careers of many behavioral scientists and criminal justice professors?

So where are the pin striped microphone fiends on this one? I haven’t heard a peep on this, even out here in the blogosphere, unless I’ve been on one of those hardcore political sites.

But it’s a done deal, no smoke and mirrors, no “I’ll gladly pass a law that benefits African Americans on Tuesday if you will give me a hamburger – I mean, if you will vote for me today.” That damn sneaky Barack Obama and those shy Democrats in Congress are still toiling away, stacking up legislative victories one after another…

…but to the general public, and the idiocracy we call the punditocracy, it is as if the Obama Administration has accomplished absolutely nothing at all outside of antagonizing FOX News.

I was on the phone earlier telling a friend of mine how bad this was. "Go to Google and type in "Obama accomplishments" and you will see Brown Man Thinking Hard on the first page." Now I know I have a bad ass blog, but shouldn't there be a host of other sites with bigger audiences than mine who populate the first ten pages of results? The first twenty pages?

I mean, are we just wearing these damn "Obama "08" shirts for show?

Or are we going to champion the good shit he has done, and does every damn day, instead of playing the role of the good plantation slaves who point and say "he went that-a-way" whenever the president seems to falter a little bit? Are we going to give credence to fat ass Rush Limbaugh and the public bowel movements he calls a radio show by even stopping to wonder why the president doesn't "step up his game?" Or the rest of the media, who sneer at the Limbaugh's and Hannity's and O'Reilly's, and then spend all their time analyzing the deranged statements of these hate hustlers in the name of "balance"?


I don’t need any media watchdog group to tell me what I already know.

Now that the oil has stopped spewing in the Gulf of Mexico, the sense of urgency for BP to do anything more than it already has is fast becoming history, which makes the $20 BILLION DOLLARS the president got BP to agree to payout likely to be the only real money “the little people”, otherwise known as the ordinary American citizens whose lives were turned upside down by this mess, will ever see.

No one, from the Little Rascals whose columns fill the op-ed section of the New York Times on down, will waste time reminding anyone of this presidential stroke of genius. Instead, they will spend hours trying work the latest dig against anything Obama that comes out of Sarah Palin's mouth into a cheesy headline so they can turn around and pimp their columns out for hits.

18:1 is not 1:1, not by a long shot. But it is way better than the 100:1 it was last week, and one of the many building blocks that need to be put into place to begin to give the ass-end of the black community a chance to put the past behind them and look forward to brighter tomorrows.

Keep signing those damn bills into law, Mr. President. Keep signing those damn bills into law.

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