I was supposed to post these tweets I culled from the "#Beck" tweet stream during Beckapalooza in D.C. yesterday, but day old tweets should still be okay, especially when they are this funny.

I guess I'm not a real Twitterer, since I've never sent a tweet from my phone, but the only way I can make any sense of it all is by using Tweetdeck on my laptop, where everything is nice and big so I can see it.

In any case, out of all the tweets that were distinctive enough for me to retweet on Saturday, these are my choices for top 25 tweets and retweets. I'm sure somebody smarter than me could track down the original tweeters of the retweets easily enough, but that skill isn't in my Twitter toolbag yet.


BREAKING: Glenn Beck claims another "complete coincidence" after announcing next speech to be from hotel balcony on April 4th in Memphis,TN.

Glenn Beck is like the lottery for people with no hope. He's going to get ridiculously rich and they have no chance of winning.

RT @DangerGuerrero Like MLK, Glenn Beck has also been to the mountaintop. And he'd like to thank Cash4Gold for that sweet ski trip.

Am galled by Glenn Beck telling people to "turn back to God" when a few months ago he mocked Social justice. See Sermon on the Mount pal.

I'm not saying that Glenn Beck's the antichrist, but he is a charismatic speaker who's risen from obscurity to call for a new era to begin.

People accuse Black people of always keeping race at the forefront, and why? Because of people like Glenn Beck and The Tea Party.

Breaking: Glenn Beck says Martin Luther King was actually white, just like Jesus #NotReally

#inews9k BREAKING: Beck followers in post-rally uproar - Nordstrom refuses to take back America without sales receipt

Next scheduled Beck rally includes Ann Coulter as Rosa Parks, Limbaugh as Mother Teresa, Hannity as Ghandi and Dan Quayle as Einstein

Glenn Beck called Obama a racist with a "deep-seated hatred for white people." If this were 1965, he'd be saying that about Dr. King.

RT @rolandsmartin: I can't wait for the next wristbands. Forget WWJD - What Would Jesus Do. It's now WWBD - What Would Beck Do.

RT @ryandpaul Since Glenn Beck is basically Moses now, will he and his followers now go get lost in the wilderness for 40 years?

Only thing Glenn Beck accomplished was that, for the first time in decades, Washington D.C.'s population had a white majority.

Goldline just sent an angry memo to Beck: It's Goldline, you idiot. Not Godline!

Glenn Beck tells the truth the same way a carnival barker does. Only louder. And with more spitting.

At the Beck's rally, they applaud charity today, then discourages it tomorrow.

To all of the Glenn Beck ralliers who gave me dirty looks on the train...bless you!

Except for King and Beck both being African American, I fail to see the parallels between their marc--wait, what?

BREAKING: U.S. National Park Service will be strapping down the Lincoln statue so that it doesn't get up & walk off during Glenn Beck rally.

RT @floridajewel: RT @Marnus3: I seemed to have missed the Latino delegation at the Beck Rally for Dollars.

Hard to say % of black folk attending Beck rally w/o knowing total crowd size but i'd put it between .00001% and .00000001%

Not all crackers are saltines. Some of us have substance. I honor King today, & am disgusted with Beck.

Glenn Beck Rally sponsored by Rascal Scooters. We work with socialist Medicare to get you the mobility to protest the black president.

Anybody else think the Glenn Beck rally is just the biggest #whitewhine ever?

Beck is the Farrakhan of white people.



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