I almost did a post this morning titled "Its My Party, And I'll Cry If I Want To" after Karen Handel, a runoff candidate for the GOP's entry into the Georgia governor's race, didn't show up for any interviews this morning OR the bigtime "Unity" breakfast the Georgia Republicans put on to symbolically leave the primary battles against each other behind them and come together for the general election.

It wasn't that I was so high minded that it chose not to post it - the only reason you didn't read "Ding! Dong! The Witch is dead!" as the opening sentence this morning was because my trusty dusty HP computer quit working. More accurately, as I found out today, after wondering if it was a damaged power jack, and calling fifteen repair shops for quotes, it was an AC power cord failure that kept me from continuing the hammering of Handel I'd started last night on Twitter.

And after paying SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS to replace the piece of shit power cord apparatus THAT IS ONLY A YEAR OLD, I wasn't really in the mood to gloat about Handel's glorious loss to Nathan Deal, which is about as close as you can get to handing Roy Barnes a victory on a silver platter. It wasn't until Wayne at HP customer support told me that a free replacement cord would be here next week because I still had sixteen days left on my computer's warranty that I could think about the governor's race. The great thing about buying stuff from Walmart, like the Ac adapter I bought today, isn't the prices - it is their policy of taking practically anything back for a full refund that makes me buy stuff from them I'm not sure I'm going to keep, or in this case, something I know I'm not going to keep.

Which is why, instead of regaling you with more derogatory phrases against Handel like the ones I reeled off with impunity last night, phrases like:

Nathan Deal now up 3536 votes over Karen " I Can't Wait To Run For The Next Office" Handel with only 40 precincts left to go

Nathan Deal now up 3556 votes over Karen " We Don't have To Count ALL The Votes " Handel with only **17** precincts left to go!

Nathan Deal now up 2773 votes over Karen "Never Elected To An Office I Planned To Stay In" Handel with only **FOUR** precincts left to go!

Nathan Deal now up 2360 votes over Karen "It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To" Handel with ONE precinct left! Ding Dong! Ding Dong!

By the time I was in the mood to even think about whipping out something, Handel had conceded the race to Deal, which had to be a extremely hard for her, given her strong instinct for self preservation. Handel did a big thing today, because two weeks of infighting between her and Nathan Deal every night would have been nothing but sweet music to the Barnes campaign.

In the end, it really won't matter - Nathan Deal's campaign will end up collapsing under the weight of Deal's ethical problems and crooked ass financial deals that have benefited him greatly at the expense of Georgia's citizens.

Roy Barnes isn't out of the woods yet, though. Barnes treated Georgia's school teachers the way Reagan treated the air traffic controllers, and maany of them will never forget it. He doesn't have enough credible (people other than reverends, all but forgotten civil rights leaders, and rap stars) African Americans who are regularly speaking on his behalf to the bulk of the working and middle class blacks in Georgia in a wway that acknowledges how critical they are to the success of the Barnes campaign. And he has not, at least to this point, tapped into the network of people Barack Obama inspired to register 200,000 additional Georgia voters.

Thank you, Ms. Handel, for making bringing the Democratic Party of Georgia closer to winning the governor's mansion. You hard core supporters are bitching and moaning all over the internet, the same way Hillary Clinton's PUMA's did after she lost the nomination to Obama, which means they maay not come around to supporting Deal for awhile.

If only Karen Handel was as gracious on the way up as she is on the way down, she might have gotten a few thousand more votes. But you should never look a gift horse in the mouth - better late than never. You keep this up all this graciousness in the face of defeat, Ms. Handel, and I might just have to put you on my Christmas card list.

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