I meant to vote for Nathan Deal today. I went into the polls, fully intending to cast a ballot in the Republican primary runoff for governor here in Georgia. I signed my name on the voter census card, checked "Republican", and walked it over to the table where you get your electronic ballots.

"Sir, you can't vote in the Republican runoff."

"Why not?"

"Because you voted in the Democratic primary."

The table was suddenly swarming with poll workers...

...not because there was anything wrong, but because I was the only voter in the room and they were all absolutely bored.

And hot.

It wasn't a big deal, but it did take the fun out of voting today.

It really would have made my day if I could have voted FOR the slimebucket ex-Congressman and all around crooked businessman Nathan Deal, which would have been a vote AGAINST Karen Handel.

Don't ask me to give you any facts and figures to buttress my case against Handel, because I'm not trying to build a case.

I just don't like the vindictive aura that seems to ooze from her pores, a meanness that telegraphs itself through camera lenses exceptionally well when she is in a mood to tell us Georgians what she is and is not going to do.

It would probably help if "Partial" Handel would just finish out a term before moving on to the next thing. Which is why I took special delight in the "Failin' Palin" endorsement Handel showed off yesterday.

The other reason I wanted to vote for Deal, though, was more practical. he may be easier for Roy Barnes to beat.

Most of what budding columnist Kyle Wingfield writes for the right wing slot in the Atlanta Journal & Constitution is straight off the shelf from the GOP Central Narrative Archives. But occasionally, he seems to get tired of blowing the dust off of the well worn conservative chestnuts his compatriots are married to and spouts a few original thoughts, like the one below, that tell it like it is:

"rather than challenging one another to new heights, each candidate [Handel and Deal]has tried to hold one another down, like two drowning swimmers gasping for air."

Kyle Wingfield, Atlanta Journal & Constitution
Barnes wouldn't be my first choice for the Democratic candidate for governor, but in state where the rest of the potential Democratic contenders for governor have all but conceded the seat to the GOP, he is all they've got.

Barnes might have a chance, but he is going to have to get aa whole lot of black voters off the sidelines to combine with the white voters he manages to scare up. Which may be harder than he or his advisors think. After hearing a middle aged African American mother say "why is that tired looking old white man running for governor? Wasn't he ALREADY the governor before?", I think the Barnes brain trust has their work cut out for them.

Time may prove me wrong, but I believe that Nathan Deal's murky past will be easier for Barnes to defeat than Handel's arrogance.  

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