Tea Party Comix No Laughing Matter

This "Tea Party Comix" thing is about as subtle - or as realistic - as finding a congressman wearing a "Secret Council Of Bribe-taking Politicians" t-shirt. It is unlikely, though not impossible, that this was commissioned by a chapter of the Tea Part movement. The problem the Tea Party groups have, though, is the same one a black ex-con drug dealer in a doo-rag has when he is seen hanging around a known drug trafficking area.

I don't know who did these, but whoever they were, they put a lot of time and effort into drawing these panels.

There really is no real information out here in the blogosphere about the true origins of these comics...

...but since some factions of the Tea Party have been known to look the other way when people who are willing to publicly share similar thoughts to the ones depicted in these panels during their rallies and events, it is an easy thing to mentally tar their organizations with the same brush.

Some of the verbiage in them, in fact, resemble the same kind of language that permeates the comment sections of places like FOX News, and the kinds of headlines that appear on conservative websites and blogs all over the web.

If the Tea Party is willing to lie down with dogs, they are likely to pick up the kind of fleas who are willing to devote hours to putting these kinds of ideas in print.

I did a series during the last presidential campaign that showcased similar efforts to dehumanize Barack Obama, efforts that hauled out the same stereotypes black people have been fighting against since our ancestors toiled in abject and unending servitude.

Which probably means that over the coming months, there will be many people who share this artist's point of view who come to this blog to check out the photos.

Something tells me that they won't be smiling when the dust clears in November at the polls.

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