The Brown Man Has Been Talking To Himself

The Brown Man has been talking to himself.

A lot.

I'm discovering now why I resisted blogging for so long in the first place. I've been putting together some recordings and videos for the beginnings of the fall marketing campaign for my book lately, which has been a lot more compelling than much of the political news and current events hitting the airwaves these days.

I mean, Levi and Bristol are like the Jerry Springer Show without the mystery guest. They are like Liz Taylor and Richard Burton without the acting careers - in fact, without any careers, or any particular interest in getting any skills so they can start some.

Chris Brown and Rihanna are back together, although Mr. Brown is probably still on probation, which means, if I were him, that I would just chose another chick. Then again, when you are his age, you are convinced that the ocean only has one fish with your name on it.

Nancy Pelosi seems to be stealing a page from the GOP playbook - complete and constant denial is always better than dealing with reality. As ham handed as Robert Gibbs is, he told the truth. Gibbs might have been better served by adding his follow up statement about the White House efforts to combat this possibility in the next sentence instead of waiting until the next day.

And of course, your president is the cause of every ill in the Western world and every ill advised act the United States government has facilitated for the last 50 years, with evil powers so great that they preceded his birth by several years, a birth, I might add, whose time, date, and location have also made him a childhood playmate of Adolph Hitler during his preteen years.

Other than that, we have all suffered through two weeks of left versus right, New Black Panther versus Tea Party, pundit A versus pundit B drivel that is so useless it would almost have been better if the networks had simply rerun the tapes from the two weeks before the Fourth 24/7, right down to the commercials and the outdated weather reports.

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