Today, It's All About The Video

The Brown Man is tired.

Between the painful calluses on my mouse hand from some impromptu brush clearing, and an violently irritating poison ivy rash all along my non-mouse arm, and a preoccupation with promoting my new book, along with the obligatory day job grind, the Brown Man has not been getting much sleep lately.

In fact, I have given up on worrying about it - at this point, I am willing to just take what sleep I can get when it comes, if it happens to be dark, and push on if it comes when that inevitable wave of drowsiness happens in the daytime.

Which means it has been very hard to come up with the type of blog posts I normally have waiting for you several times a week. Very hard to put together more than a few words before losing the trademark Brown Man steam that puts the fire in my posts.

The collection of anti-inflammatory potions I have been applying seem to working, though. And the angry red blotches across the abused flesh in the palm of my mouse hand have begun their retreat. So I'll be back in action in the next day or so.

In the meantime, you can check out my new book trailer for DADDYMOMMA, the short story collection that debuted here last Sunday.

I've seen these book trailers - essentially short commericals - around the web for other books, so I decided to make my own. If you don't like to read, or never read short stories, check it out anyway. The background music alone is worth the minute and a half you'll spend watching the video.

If you are an author who does book reviews, or a book reviewer who is addicted to the free copies the publishing industry sends you, shoot me an email at

There are versions for Kindle, Kindle for PC (Kindle's FREE software for PC and laptop owners), Mobipockets Reader and EPUB readers, which means you IPad and IPhone owners can download it too.

The good thing about a Sunday is, it's one of those few days where if a wave of drowsiness overtakes you, you can indulge yourself right smack dab in the middle of the day. If I can tear myself away from this keyboard before some new topic sets off my writing mojo, I think I am going to slather another round of potions and cortisone cream on my aching mitts and snatch a few daytime zzzzz's.

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