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SC Voters Spotlight Chief Misery Of Democracy

Chances are, you don’t know where Manning, South Carolina is. Chances are, you’ve never heard of this small southern town. I only know where it is because it was the halfway point to my grandmother’s house from my hometown. For all the hundreds of times I’ve passed the town, I’ve never been anywhere other than the gas stations and the fast food restaurants that cluster around the exit to I-95. Other than those brief pitstops, Manning remains a mystery to me.

Which is kind of how the rest of the state, if not the rest of the nation, feels about Alvin Greene, a Manning resident who has defeated opponent Vic Rawls in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate, which means, at least for now, that he will face current South Carolina senator Jim DeMint in the fall. The media is shocked, not because democracy is actually working, but because none of them had even thought to do any more than a cursory Google search of Greene when he filed to run for office. The opponent is most definitely shocked because he totally overlooked this no name candidate. I’m not there in South Carolina right now, but I would imagine that the population is shocked to various degrees, with some of them appalled that such a thing could happen, and others who are pleased that the Democratic establishment has had its comeuppance.

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