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Fishgrease Will Make You Smarter

There is a phenomenon going on out here in the blogosphere called "good information dissemination", a trait that often distinguishes us lower paid or usually unpaid bloggers from the members of the media who routinely trumpet the thoroughness of their own work. In the progressive political oasis known as DailyKos, there are often experts who show up from time to time to fill the void for those of us who are hungry for knowledge that is specific and precise, when our rich cousins in the mainstream media start to broadcast more recycled misinformation than we can stand.

One such person, the ironically named “Fishgrease”, a self described oil and gas industry veteran for 30 years, has been giving lessons in proper booming technique and oil well production for the past few weeks after becoming enraged at the miles and miles of incorrectly laid boom that TV anchors and federal government officials can be found in front of whenever a camera is rolling.

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