My Book "Daddymomma" Hits The Web Today

Father's Day is here. In a few hours, I will sit down to breakfast with my own father.

I usually rerun a piece I did a couple of years ago about him, but this year, I'm doing something different.

I'm unveiling a book that has been a long time in the making, a book that is a collection of stories I have been shaping and revising for some time.

If you come to this blog regularly, you've seen the banner ad for Daddymomma for the last few days floating at the top of the middle column.

This is from my other night job as a writer of fiction.

The first story in it, titled "Separate But Equal", is the story of an African American father and son who both learn something about themselves one Sunday afternoon.

All of these stories, in some way, are about black men in relationships - relationships with their children, their lovers, their wives, their ex-wives, their jobs, and their futures. I guess I could have actually titled it "Brown Men Thinking Hard", but I've always liked the moniker I affixed to the title story long ago.

So download a copy, if you have a Kindle, or Kindle for PC, or a Mobipockets reader, or an IPad, or a copy of the numerous other ereaders or ereader software that is available.

It will be good.


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