The announcement by the White House about the proposed offshore oil drilling expansion has upset the color coded political narrative that labels policy positions red or blue. It has upset the ideological positions on the environment that many progressive minded Democrats are as crazed about as NRA members are about their guns. And most of all, it has upset the political punditocracy on TV who get paid big bucks to recycle the same old political metaphors in binary fashion, forcing some of them to make even more illogical statements than usual to stick to their party line.

The funny thing is, I didn’t think about the actual drilling, or the potential for oil spills, or even the jobs this could possibly “create” (jobs “creation” is a bigger crock of shit than “Obama is the Anti-Christ. If there is no business going on, nobody needs to hire anyone. A job isn’t "created" – it grows out of a need to either keep up the pace or expand, two things very few businesses are experiencing right now) or even how much oil might be in these areas. The only thing I thought about was "what will the reaction from the Democrats be?"

Considering what the GOP thinks is meaningless – they are committed to the fervent belief that Barack Obama is a pox upon their house, and anything they do or say in response to any political developments begin and end with their obsession to destroy him and his presidency.

It is the “why” behind the Republican obsession with President Obama that should make the Democrats suck up their courage and follow the president off of the ideological reservation they have been living on for the past 50 years.

The GOP hates Barack Obama because he has shown the Democrats how to successfully win the presidency by campaigning actively in all 50 states.

The GOP hates Barack Obama because he has shown the Democrats how to mobilize the kind of successful get-out-the-vote effort for which they used to be known.

The GOP hates Barack Obama because he has shown the Democrats how to successfully expand their donor base to erase the traditional fundraising advantage they normally enjoy.

The GOP hates Barack Obama because he has shown the Democrats how to successfully use the internet to build online communities so potent they don’t need to own TV stations, cable news networks, hundreds of radio stations, or fund dozens of phony think tanks and employ thousands of people to get their message out.

The GOP hates Barack Obama because he has shown that he can and will successfully appropriate any and all of their manipulative techniques and deceptive political subterfuges to achieve his own ends.

If there really was a "liberal media", a phrase that has to be the biggest hype job the GOP has ever entered into the political lexicon, you would know this, because you would see these true statements repeated over and over every single night on TV. Instead, the only thing you hear from the media about the president, who at this time, no thanks to them, is STILL the frontrunner for president in 2012, are a list of negatives, beginning with how “weak” he is, how “fragile” his presidency is, or how much of a “long shot” legislation is.

Back to the word I deliberately seeded this post with earlier – suppose the Democrats began to believe that they are successful? Suppose that the Democrats understood that they are actually winning these days, and started to like the feeling? Suppose the Democrats decided to quit wallowing in martyrdom, self-pity and self-righteousness and begin to truly understand the dictum “to the victor goes the spoils?”

This drilling announcement has about as much teeth in it as the executive order Obama signed for Stupak two weeks ago that did nothing more than restate a position we were already bound by law to abide regarding abortion funding.

But what it DOES do is put the White House on the offensive. It allows them to dictate the political debate. And over the next few weeks, it will put a lot of old wives tales about oil companies to rest as we begin to see how little interest oil companies have had in domestic production for years and how much money they make with much less investment by being middle men.

The Democrats who are ideological hard asses are basically in the same position the Masters golf tournament was with Tiger Woods. They could remain ideologically pure, or they could go with the guy who has made the PGA a resounding financial success the past ten years.

Special interest Democrats have a decision to make too – to remain on the reservation of ideological purity, or go with Barack Obama, the guy who has made your party a resounding political success.

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