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The Supreme Court Shortlist Loves Leah Ward Sears

Years ago, back in 1994, when I returned to Atlanta to stay, I went to a reception for Judge Leah Ward Sears, who had been selected by Governor Zell Miller in 1992 to join the Georgia Supreme Court. She was the youngest justice ever appointed, and the first African American woman to serve on the state's highest court. It was a gathering sponsored by Marvin Arrington, now a Fulton County superior court judge, who at that time was in private practice with his partner, David Hollowell, a noted civil rights attorney. Arrington, one of the first two blacks to enter Emory University’s law school, had always reached out to Emory’s African American students and alumni, so it was no surprise to be invited to affair he held in his high rise office in downtown Atlanta for Emory Law alum Sears.

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