Georgia Abortion Bill Targets African American Women

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Georgia Abortion Bill Targets African American Women

“Black children are an endangered species.”

That is the message you will see in gigantic letters on 80 billboards in Georgia. This message, alongside pictures of African American infants, is plastered almost exclusively across Dekalb County and Fulton County, areas with some of the highest concentrations of black residents in the state. There is no coincidence that Georgia House Bill 1155 and Georgia Senate Bill 529, which seek to criminalize “race-based” abortions, are currently making their way through the Georgia legislature.


*******I normally don't put notes on these announcements of my work at other venues, but just reading the line "black children are an endangered species" raises my damn blood pressure. This is some straight up bullshit. Where are the rappers with a killer remix that keeps this kind of shit on the front burner? Where are the black women's groups? The black sororities? The black women who need to take out their frustrations on somebody?******* provides the next level of digital engagement for America’s burgeoning minority communities.

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