The Brown Man Can't Keep His Eyes Open Tonight

I pride myself on coming up with original stuff to post here on a regular basis, but tonight I just don't have it. Too many visits from old college buddies and my homeboy and another buddy's birthday party, combined with a sinking feeling that I may be writing for too many places, even though I just added another blog I'm supposed to get started with next week, plus that dreaded four letter word W-O-R-K that keeps getting in the way of any writing downtime means it was all I could do today to keep my eyes open during the final round of the Masters.

So I have nominated a fellow scribe over at Daily Kos to fill in for me today. "Sorry, The Sarah Palin Argument is Enough For Me" pretty much reinforces the soapbox I've been on lately (you're probably wondering, "which soapbox is he talking about - he's on a new one all the time), the one points out how stupid the Democrats are these days for not standing tall with the guy in the White House who SHOWED THEM HOW TO WIN.

"Real life politics are different from what we dream of. In reality, you have to start where you are - in a country that's been pushed hard right for 30 years - and deal with that reality while pushing back. I see President Obama as a real life politician. He knows he's not going to get everything he wants and he's willing to accept that. He's not willing to sit back and not try because it's too hard, he's not going to push his own agenda under a rug because he has to deal with Blue Dogs and the party of Hell No You Can't, and he's not going to lose big because it's the only way to please the left. If we can rein ourselves in and stop demanding the impossible we might actually get some pretty radical things accomplished."
Sorry, The Sarah Palin Argument is Enough For Me

Tiger said it best in his post-game interview with Peter Kostis today, after Kostis asked Tiger if he thought coming in fourth was a pretty good finish, given the circumstances. "I didn't win."

Winning isn't important, it is crucial.

How crucial? There will probably be at least one more retirement from the Supreme Court before 2012, and two or three more between now and 2016, for starters.

I'm quitting here before I get wound up, but check out "Sorry, The Sarah Palin Argument is Enough For Me" - it is directed at progressive Dems but should be a must read for anybody who pushed the button for Obama in 2008 who is getting weak in the knees about his presidency.

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