Big Think Is Moving On Up

Actually, we are moving on DOWN, to the bottom side of the Google News page, but that’s a bit of semantics for the pedantic reader to worry about. As the theme song for The Jeffersons still says somewhere every night in TV syndication land, "we finally got a piece of the pie."

If you go to the bottom of the Google News page, you will see a feature called "Fast Flip". I have to confess – before I went looking for this thing, after my editor at Big Think announced that we were one of the publications featured in it, I had never been to the Google News page.

Sadly enough, despite the often misleading headlines and wandering prose, the first place I click to find out what’s going on is the Huffington Post, mostly because it’s a good way to see what everybody else is looking at, but also because they’ve got headlines and pictures of a lot of different kinds of stories all on the front page. In a way, I think the lack of uniformity between the different articles gives it a more eclectic feel than a lot of more modern looking sites, even though most of HuffPo’s stuff are sensationalist fluff.

I guess the people at Google figured this out too, because this Fast Flip, if you are on its main page, looks a lot like HuffPo, with a lot of headlines you can just skim through pretty quick. I actually skimmed through the Boing Boing site this way a few minutes ago after seeing their name on the list of publications. It is a place I’ve been meaning to visit for months, but just never got around to doing.

Is this Fast Flip a good thing for the contributing sites? I don’t know. But if the IPhone and Android apps for Fast Flip do what I think they do, allowing the user to flip through one snapshot of a page at a time, this makes a lot of sense. In fact, if there was a mode I could chose that would allow me to do the same thing on my laptop, I’d like it even better, because I can barely see anything but the headlines with these middle aged eyes I have. Who knows, it may actually already have that feature and I just haven’t found it yet.

In any case, you need to check it out, because yours truly has a few pieces in the Big Think section under my real name, Kris Broughton. All I can say is, it is cool as hell to be able to flip through this thing and see your own work pop up next to the big boys of the media.

Maybe it will inspire me to go to sleep in a few minutes so I can get back to work in a few hours and crank out some new blog posts.

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