Tavis Smiley Gets Posterized By The Black Community

Tavis Smiley used to be a community activist, but now he just plays one on TV.

I'm not exactly sure what the slang usage of "posterized" means these days - a quick spin around Google pulls up a lot of basketball links, and stories of guys getting dunked over, so I figure it must refer to getting manhandled in public. Or letting someone complete a dramatic shot while up in your face - "face!"- is what it was called when I was growing up.

But I knew while I was riding down the street yesterday that the gravel-throated greasy sounding guy in some rap song who yells out "git posterized!" sounded the way I felt about Mr. Smiley - like he deserves nothing less than a monster kick in the ass from the collective foot of the damn "black community" he crows so much about.

If you care about the black community so much, Tavis, why the hell are you publishing a book by Robert "I Pee On Naked Underage BLACK Girls After I Sleep With Them" Kelly? In case you are reading this, Mr. Smiley, that is BLACK as in "African American. That is BLACK as in "black women deserve better than the glorification of Robert Kelly's old child molesting ass."

Tavis, at the rate you are going, if black Americans were the Afghans, you would be the Taliban.

You are in the "empowerment" business, Mr. Smiley, whenever you aren't on the radio bitching about what "folk" ain't paying attention to us today. So when the hell are you and the other so-called black leaders planning to step out of the way?

And in case you didn't notice, Mr. Smiley, there is no branch of the U.S. Mint in the hood selling greenbacks at the day old dollar store for fifty cents. So unless you plan on setting up your own printing press, or have discovered some kind of super steroids for corporations that can quintuple the growth of black owned banks and businesses that are located in the community overnight, you might need to step off for a minute and let the brother in the Oval Office practice his "a rose by any other name is still a rose" brand of getting millions in government cash and programs into our communities.

Because when people agree to build grocery stores they know damn well will likely lose money on in "food deserts", after the GOVERNMENT agrees to reduce the financial sting by sprinkling these companies with loans and incentives, IT MIGHT NOT SCREAM "THIS IS A PART OF THE BLACK AGENDA, but I'll give you one guess to figure out who the number one inhabitant of "food deserts" are.

At some point, if we really plan to make this thing all work out, when we finally get over some of the deficiencies our historical legacy has burdened us with, we are going to have to stop worrying about how "black" we are all the time, the same way we want white people to stop worrying about being "white" all the time.

Complain if you must, Mr. Smiley, since it is a free country, but know that a grown-ass man whining on the radio all the time is not a good sound.

And know that as long as you keep this up, you deserve all the "posterizing" you get.

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