Play "GOP Talking Point Bingo" This Weekend

Republican Strategist Frank Luntz released a memo last year explaining to Congressional Republicans that they could "kill health care reform" if they used the right scare tactics.

Since then, the Republican Party has fought tooth and nail against the Democratic Party to thwart their efforts at healthcare reform. On the eve of the historic vote in the House of Representatives tomorrow to vote on the Senate-approved version, the airwaves are filled with nasty partisan rhetoric, and Tea Party protesters have gathered in the nation's capitol to shout down any attempts by House members to break with the past and move America forward.

You can play this bingo game whenever the conservative political pundits on your TV start talking about health care tonight and tomorrow. Download your own card here.

There is obviously more to the healthcare reform bill, which looks very likely to become law next week. There are a lot of minor issues, and a few major ones, that will need to be addressed going forward.

This is not about those things right now. Right now, this is about winning. A victory tomorrow is as crucial for the Democrats as March Madness is for the teams who are competing to advance to the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA basketball tournament.

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