Netanyahu Comes To Washington D.C. For Spring Break

Spring break is a helluva time.

Just when you think you've recovered from Christmas, New Years, and all the cold, rain and snow, in pops a teenager - our own Resident Diva turned Undercover Genius - who acts as if she has landed on Mars by mistake.

A Mars with an empty refrigerator, to hear her tell it. "What do you all eat?"

"Well, since we've been on this damn diet, not much."


This sounds pretty dramatic, but I don't bat an eye. Her mother, who is normally the most accommodating of parents, doesn't even answer. None of us are doing anything because the Undercover Genius, who goes to school in downtown Atlanta, HAS BEEN HERE TWICE IN THE LAST THREE WEEKS, when there were very few items in the refrigerator those times too, because -- surprise, we were on the same diet then that we are now.

Normally, we will stock up on stuff when we know she's coming home at the traditional coming home from college times like Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as times like these, when its spring break. So why don't we have any food she likes? BECAUSE SHE WASN'T COMING HOME, according to what she told us last week.Why buy food we won't eat to watch it go bad?

These exchanges reminded me of my Jewish friends in Israel who want to show their ass right now because they think we aren't going to do anything to them. They've gotten so spoiled by our largesse and so arrogant because they have our backing that they sound a lot like the Resident Diva/Undercover Genius when she stops making sense.

So Israel can pack its shit if it can't play ball. Maybe they aren't paying attention - we have so many troops in Iraq and Afghanistan they might as well be our allies. And in case they haven't noticed, a lot of folks in the US believe that the Middle East conflict is unsolvable. That Middle Eastern countries will fight each other forever.

The oil companies are the ones who really need allies in the Middle East. I'd like to see Israel try to put the bite on them for the $3 billion in direct aid and THE BILLIONS MORE INDIRECTLY that the U.S. provides to help them stay afloat.

I mean, what the hell would Israel do if we weren't their ally, after thumbing their noses at the rest of the Middle East while standing in front of our military might?

Their leverage is what? I mean really - who would Israel team up with, outside of China or Russia, that poses any real threat to the U.S.? 

I say let Netanyahu sweat a little when he gets to the states this week. He thinks he's coming here on spring break. He thinks he's going to drink too much, talk a whole lot of shit he can't back up, and then call home -- excuse me, I mean tell us to our faces since he is already here that he will be needing more money, the same way testosterone laden boys and boy-crazy girls do while they are at the beach this week.

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