Joe Biden Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth

Joe Biden took the words right out of my mouth.

"This is a big fucking deal" is what microphones say he whispered into the President Obama's ear after the president signed the bill this morning.

After being blasted by right wing wackos and weak sister Democrats for months, I think he was being a gentleman about it. This is yet another reason why me and Samuel L. Jackson would never get to be the vice-president.

The East Room looked like Obama campaign headquarters. All that was missing was the "Obama For America" signage and the blue and white balloons.

Why my friends in the media are trying to keep soft pedaling this achievement as if it was nothing more than a run of the mill accomplishment is nothing short of astounding.

Why don't they have Jim DeMint on camera? Or is he packing his bags in a hurry so he can catch Rush Limbaugh's charter to Costa Rica?

Looks like Obama's Waterloo has turned in DeMint's Alamo.

And how come nobody is talking about how significant the Chamber of Commerce's decision to drop the push for healthcare repeal is after the Cracker Convention outside the House of Representatives this weekend committed the cardinal sin of reopening the racial wounds Chamber of Commerce companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and civil judgements trying to close?

How come no economist is standing in front of a chalkboard explaining how much our taxes would have to increase - A WHOLE LOT, LIKE MAYBE DOUBLE WHERE THEY ARE NOW - and how many services we would have to give up - MORE THAN HALF, PLUS TEN PERCENT - for how many years - SEVERAL DECADES - to pay off the national debt from where we are right now?

Do these people think they are corporate CEO's who believe you can save your way to prosperity without growing revenues? We need MORE citizens, not less - an extra 40 or 50 million people who need houses, cars and TV's is just what we need right now. 

Don't these wet Tea Baggers realize that black people are America's Most Favored Minority, and that it costs big bucks these days in bad PR when white people are unable to explain why they are still acting like it is 1955?

Do you know what the GOP's worst nightmare should be? That Obama doesn't take as many vacations as George Bush. Obama doesn't have a ranch, or a beach hideaway, or a mountain cottage where he can take breaks. It really doesn't matter, though, because Obama knows as well as anybody that the first black president cannot be taking off entire months at a time to commune with nature, so guess what?

He will be on the job this week, next week, and every week after that. As Rush Limbaugh lamented yesterdy on his radio show, "they may not even break in August" when he ranted about how much "damage" the Democrats were about to do to the country this year.

Is this law perfect? Nope, not by a long shot.

But the lawsuits from Republican attorney generals in 13 states that was/were (no idea if it was one suit or thirteen) filed almost simultaneously with the stroke of President Obama's pen has got to be hands down the dumbest shit the GOP has done in months. This isn't even grasping at straws -- when this fails, as it will, like all the other cockamamie, testosterone driven bullshit they've thrown up the last twelve months, this will have "witch hunt" written all over it by the press.

Speaking of them - I turned to FOX News immediately after the signing ceremony. From the pained, strained expression on that motherfucking Bret Baier's face as he announced "the president has just signed the healthcare bill into law", you would have thought you were watching the Confederate News channel. I was half expecting them to cut to a Civil War re-enactor to give us a few Jefferson Davis homilies.

Doesn't matter.

I don't care.

Because today, in America, despite all the ideological flag waving, all the posturing and pettiness, all the futile outrage and ridiculous racist rhetoric, the only signature that counts right now is the one below.

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