I've been writing for a new political site called Politic 365 for a couple of weeks now. One of the reasons I decided to do it was to expand my reach to a larger audience - its not that I don't appreciate the readers I have now, but I am a real American, which means it is hard to think any other way than "bigger is better."

It's been fun. I've learned a lot. And even though it is a more news oriented style of writing than what I do here at Brown Man Thinking Hard, in the end it is still the same mission -  to tell a story in a way that touches readers.

Peggy Sheehy was touched enough to share her own story on an article posted earlier this week at Politic 365, Obama Education Blueprint Proposes No Future Left Behind. Sheehy, an instructional technologist, is an award winning virtual worlds educator. She advised the middle school students from Suffern Middle School in New York, who used machinima from their Island in Second Life to dramatize their grand prize winning Net Generation presentation, a video now on YouTube titled "No Future Left Behind."

Ms. Sheehy said her students were "pleased to see their slogan catching on."

The video itself reminds you of one of those "I am IBM" commercials. Sheehy, who also acted as the producer, used one of my favorite literary devices - repetition - to great effect. 

Everybody under the age of 18 is buzzing, beeping, or button pushing something electronic all day everyday, whether it is a video game, the internet, or a cell phone. We have got to look at new ways to keep the educational process relevant in a changing world AND figure out how to convince these kids that understanding Shakespeare and Descartes and Copernicus and Da Vinci is essential to fully exploiting this new electronic frontier.

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