For all of you who have been waiting dejectedly as you watched your president become everybody’s proverbial whipping boy…

…for all of you who were wondering if all of the testosterone had been drained out of your commander-in-chief…

…and even for all of you who have long ago given up hope because the black man in the White House didn’t show his ass the way you SAY YOU DO when things don’t go your way on your job…

…the O-Man is back.

Still no cape, still no x-ray vision, still no ability to leap over recessions in a single bound, but even without these things, President Obama is beginning to show us why the way he wants to operate is the right way to do things when you want to get a lot accomplished.

Maybe it’s the Kenyan in him coming out that allows him to remain committed to the long view, even when everybody else around him seems to be freaking out, and the press is writing his political obituary. Maybe it’s that world renowned endurance the Kenyan marathon runners excel at that he inherited from the father he never really knew. Or maybe it’s the effect a mother carefully planning the framework of her research for her dissertation might have had on a young Barack.

In any case, that swagger all of you wanted is back. Barack Obama is in full effect these days.

I would imagine, if I were a Republican, that I would be raising money to buy the Obamas a ranch somewhere, the way they raised money to buy one for the Reagans, just so he would have a reason to leave D.C. for eight to ten weeks a year.
The only thing that could be worse than the prospect of a well rested, vacation home-less Obama this summer is the growing possibility of an impeachment battle to eject Michael Steele as the chairman of the GOP. If Steele talks his way out of this S&M strip club thing, Rush Limbaugh should start calling STEELE the Magic Negro.

Meanwhile, back on this metaphorical ranch that is the Real America, the one the rest of us sane folks in the country live in while we watch the Tea Party folks and the “Killers For Christ” crazies lose what is left of their minds, Barack Obama looks like he is just warming up.

Stay tuned.

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