Change Is A Verb - Why YOU Need To Take Action

I’ve been pretty busy these past few days keeping up with the healthcare vote. Last night felt just like it did during the presidential primary back in 2008, with people hooting and hollering about the Obama Administration’s major victory last night in the House when the healthcare bill passed. The internet was crazy. Twitter was wild. My phone was ringing off the hook.

And I am as happy as many of you are that the president prevailed against a fierce opposition.

But since I spend way too much time explaining to people who call me why Obama cannot just "man up' and provide some sort of mythical, manly, testosterone laced "leadership", I think now is a good time, while all of the machinations that just took place in the House of Representatives are still fresh in your mind, to revisit why your president needs you now more than ever.

You can throw most of the opinions you hear on your nightly news out the window, in the trash, on a roaring fire – they aren’t really good for much but bait to attract you to see the advertisements.

If you look at the raw numbers of Democrats versus Republicans in both the House and the Senate, it would seem that things look pretty good if you are a Dem supporter. But if you were paying attention even a little bit last weekend, you saw how difficult it is, in a party not known for message discipline, party platform litmus tests, loyalty pledges or sworn blood oaths, to get 50% + 1 of them to agree on anything.

They don’t all agree on much, even when it comes to working against the Republicans.

So when I am on Twitter, or Facebook, or other blogs around the web, I wonder how any of the president’s detractors in his own party can come to the conclusion that “the president isn’t progressive enough” or “the president promised change – where is it?” when they can see with their own eyes that it takes A COMMITTED PARTY and STRONG PARTISAN ELECTORATE SUPPORT to do the heavy lifting the president’s initiatives require.


If you came here before I updated my blog last month, you saw that maroon and gold banner all the time, and you will again, as soon as I get around to recalibrating the dimensions to fit these new columns. “Change is a verb” means it can be used in a sentence, like “I change political momentum when I call my congressman.” Or a sentence like “Eight years of Obama in office changes the trajectory of America.”
This change also applies to African Americans too, for those of you black folks who forgot you are an American and need your own personal shout out to feel like somebody cares about.

I like smart black guys who can figure out how to turn raw intellect into accomplishment.

A very, very encouraging sign that I have seen on the web in the past few days is the number of YOUNG AS IN UNDER 30 African Americans who are plugged in to what’s going on in D.C. these days.

Why am I so hard on your nightly news providers?

Because they are so concerned about the whacked out crowd of Tea Party activists wherever they show up that they neglected to put a spotlight on THE OTHER PROTEST going on in D. C. this week – the immigration advocate rally that dwarfed the Tea Party minions. Change is coming to America in more ways than healthcare, and it is coming soon to a town near you.

Which is why "take action" was such an important part of the phrase I used to display. Change is coming, but if YOU don’t take any action - if YOU aren't willing to put your back into it - YOU probably aren't going to get the kind of change YOU want.

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