Barack The Unbreakable

Every journalist in America should be wielding a metaphorical 2 X 4 at Bret Baier’s head for the worst imitation of a journalist every recorded on video when he interviewed President Barack Obama for FOX News. But mostly, all I’ve seen is a few tepid media responses to the hackneyed hectoring Baier insisted on maintaining, as if he had a bonus coming to him for each instance the he could interrupt the president after asking a question.

It took Charles Blow at the New York Times to make me sit back in my chair this morning as I was reading his Friday column. "Finally," I said to myself, "someone with the balls to write about Baier’s bullshit the way it needs to said." I would have dapped Blow up and given him a man hug if he had been in the room.

Because these were the headlines everybody else was pushing:
    Obama On Fox News: Accuses Bret Baier Of Interrupting, Two 'Going At Each Other' 
    Obama-Fox sitdown gets testy Obama Pushes Health Care Bill in Combative Fox Interview 
    Baier-ly substantive health-care interview with President Obama 
    Obama on Fox: The Interrupt-a-thon 
    Fox News Cares About Process, Even if Most Voters Don't

These aren't blog headlines - they are from CBS, Newsweek, Time, and the Washington Post.

And as I thought about the reality of this – that as on the money as Blow’s assessment was, it was practically a voice in the wilderness of yawning pundits who see nothing wrong with focusing on the same three themes when writing about the Obama presidency, as if absolutely nothing else is going on in his administration.

What does this mean to us?

It means that when my buddy, AN OBAMA SUPPORTER, calls me about once a week to complain about Obama, it takes me about fifteen minutes of explaining things to him before he says "I didn’t know all these things were going on. The way they talk about it on the news, you would think Obama needs to resign."

THAT is the power of our media, a power the fraternity of punk motherfuckers who are the arbiters and architects of the Fourth Estate's perspective know all too well.

They know that for all the communication devices we have, we are more interested in listening to the political gossip and innuendo from our friends on our IPhones than we are in taking the time to simply look up the facts. That we are more inclined to go along with conventional wisdom, even if it is dead wrong, than stand alone on top of the truth. That we take more comfort in the familiarity of failure than the uncertainty of success – especially when it breaks ground so new we have no way of measuring it against the yardsticks we traditionally use.

Don’t take my word for it – go read what Mr. Blow has to say for yourself.

Go see how he has spotlighted the kinds of statistics many of his punk assed colleagues sweep aside in favor of their preconceived narratives they dare not deviate from. And go see how he may have coined my new catchphrase - "Barack The Unbreakable" - that should be ringing from the headlines of every Obama-friendly publication next week.

This really wasn’t the post I wanted to do today – "GOP Talking Point BINGO" - was a little something I’ve been working on that I still may post later today. But I just had to say "thank you" to Mr. Blow for taking the vinegar out of my morning and starting my day off right.

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