I said I was going to post something other than a link to something I've written for another site today - then all hell broke loose. We've got wild bison running the streets here in the ATL, although I hope they don't run into anybody around here who's got a little road rage - might be an I-20 barbecue in the making.

We've got Desiree Rogers resigning from the Obama administration, which means she was told "don't let the door knob hit you in the ass on the way out." Reminds me of a boss I once had. "This isn't working out," I told him during a review. "You should have fired me a while ago." I still think she got a raw deal, but the good thing about DC is the propensity for White House staffers who are dismissed to fail upwards.

With any luck, she'll be a VP at a New York fashion house by the time the summer collections hit the stores right after Easter.

We've got Governor David Paterson announcing that he is not going to run for re-election after his top aide resigns behind the latest scandal to come out of New York's Governor's Mansion, which is actually something I probably will never understand -- I mean, what is the difference between Scandal Number Seven and Scandal Number Eight? Or is it Scandal Number Nine? Number Ten? Who knows? Patterson, his wife, and the next six people they run into at a Mets game are likely to have one of those Quadruple Tag Team Hoochie Coochie Scandals before his term is over, just to let us know he's still going strong.

Something else has probably happened since I started writing this, but the new software I've got installed on my site tells me that nobody is likely to read much further due to the lack of a central narrative to this piece.

Is technology great or what?

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