I suffered through the Tea Party coverage this weekend like the rest of you, but I watched the speech Sarah Palin gave to the conventioneers live – after listening to pundits describe her previous efforts as if they were deaf, dumb and blind, I had to see it for myself.

I was not disappointed.

"The events surrounding the Christmas day plot reflect the kind of thinking that led to September 11th. The threat then, as the "USS Cole" was attacked, our embassies were attacked, it was treated like an international crime spree not like an act of war. We are seeing that mindset again settle into Washington again.

That scares me for my children, for your children. Treating this as a mere law enforcement matter places our country at great risks because that is not how radical Islamic extremists look at this. They know we are at war. To win that war, we need a commander in chief, not a professor of law standing at the lectern."

Sarah Palin
Speech excerpt from Tea Party Convention

I’m no media star – I'm on a radio show out of Baltimore a couple times a month, and I do some infrequent interviews here and there – each time it gets a little easier, and I sound a little better. So for this woman to campaign nonstop for almost 3 months, giving speech after speech, and still sound like she’s running for student council president…of a junior high school, because senior high school student council presidents have more polish than Palin does these days – you have to wonder – what the hell is she doing when she's not on camera?

The first time I was on radio to talk about politics, it was a half hour segment. It didn’t come to me until the night before that I could erect my own teleprompter around my desk. I cut open two full sized moving boxes, the kind you can hang your clothes in, and arranged them in two semi-circles around my desk. I got a glue stick, took my notes, and pasted them to the cardboard, the important things at eye level, the not so important things nearer the top or the bottom of the boxes.
It didn’t make my delivery any smoother that day, but at least I had some facts to go on, or some anecdotes to refer to if I got lost between topics.

Now I go through the same amount of preparation as far as note gathering and fact checking is concerned, but I can do an interview now at the kitchen counter, or from a hotel room, or even outside of a coffee shop with nothing more than a last minute perusal of the most recent events to keep the details straight.

I know the folks who are on TV all the time have to shake their heads every time they see her on stage. Her grade school like aura may be refreshing to those who don’t like to think too hard today, but that will soon pass.

Which brings me to my real soapbox today - Sarah Palin and her own unique brand of anti-intellectualism that seems to bring big cheers from the crowds she speaks to every time she says "liberal elite" or "law professor".

Every technological advance in this country, from the cellphone her dumb ass talks on to the god damned microwave that heats the popcorn that has to be filling the space between her precious little ears, all came about because SOMEBODY WHO STUDIED HARD and UNDERSTOOD COMPLEX SCIENTIFIC THEORIES sat down and thought, thought, and thought some more until they came up with the real world applications the rest of us enjoy every day as creature comforts we take for granted.

If you have been seduced by the DUMBASSEDEDNESS (a take off on Puff Daddy's "Bitchassedness", but I wouldn't waste time calling Palin a bitch when she's so publicly, gloriously vapid) that is Sarah Palin, then you don't need to be frightened by terrorists - we might as well surrender now, because when the bullets run out, and they will, we will be ruled by those who know more than us.

If you told me your name was Benedict Arnold, you couldn't be as much of a traitor to your nation as Sarah Palin

To willfully wallow in the celebration of ignorance as if you are a pig rolling around in the mud -- a pig without lipstick, I might add -- in a nation that strives for excellence in all things should be an offense punishable by hanging.

So keep talking to the hand, Mrs. Palin, or looking in the hand, or wherever it is you think you are going to find the substitution for preparation and hard work.

With a life that is now all on record, something tells me it is only a matter of time before you start to say things that will make even your most ardent supporter's eyebrows rise.

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